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Ep 48: Transforming Lives One Step At A Time with Wayne Walker

August 19, 2021

Wayne Walker is the Founder and Executive Director of OurCalling. A nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding the homeless community by giving them the tools and resources to transform their lives. OurCalling recognizes homelessness as a symptom of a deeper problem. The organization not only offers a hot meal and bed, but therapy relating to trauma, substances, and abuse. Wayne shares his passion for the work he is doing and how God has aided him in this venture.

About our guest: 


What we discuss on this episode: 

0:52 – Welcome in Wayne

1:46 – Wayne’s background

4:02 – Story behind the business

6:23 – The challenges to a non-profit

8:14 – Stats about homelessness in Dallas

12:56 – The ‘why’ behind the business

14:56 – What action can people take

16:32 – Special calling for those in need

19:07 – Business principles

21:28 – The lows

24:31 – Highlights

26:13 – How to support OurCalling


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