The Money Knight

Ep 53: Why Core Values Matter with Jim Fite

November 4, 2021

As our businesses grow it's important to stay true to our core values. On today’s episode, we are joined with Jim Fite to discuss his business Judge Fite Company and its growth through the Dallas, Texas area. Becoming an agent at 18 made him the youngest real estate agent in Texas history. Although college wasn’t for him, his father instilled the importance of continued education in him. This is something he continues to share with his team today.

He soon bought his parent's business with his sister. Together they have grown a successful real estate business with intentionality and strategy. Staying true to their core values has always been the cornerstone of their business. We will discuss his worst and best moments in business, the advice he’d give others, the current housing market, and more.


What we discuss on this episode: 

0:38 – Introducing Jim Fite

1:31 – Youngest Real Estate Professional in Texas

4:56 – What drew him to Real Estate?

7:35 – Becoming an agent at 18

10:01 – A generational business

12:51 – Real estate professionals

15:33 – Strategic planning

17:58 – Worst and best moments

21:10 – Advice for others

23:03 – Current housing market

26:29 – Judge Fite Charitable Foundation

29:43 – Finding Jim Fite online


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