The Money Knight

Ep 58: The Chessman Distinctives

February 3, 2022

If you have listened to the show, you may have heard us point out a couple of these items that distinguish Wade’s business from others. We will go over these points in-depth on today’s show and discuss why they are notable. Wade and his colleague advisors are all Certified Kingdom Advisors, meaning they have additional training in biblical finance. We can help our clients live out their faith with their financial decisions. This is important to a lot of people.

Part of the Carson Group, Chessman Wealth, has a lot more resources with the personal touch of an independent firm. On today’s episode, we’ll discuss the planning process we take, starting as a new client, and answer a couple of mailbag questions.


What we discuss on this episode: 

0:45 – How’s it going?

1:56 – Certified Kingdom Advisor

3:18 – Aligning your faith

3:56 – Carson Group

5:21 – The planning process

6:42 – The first meeting

8:16 – Mailbag: “How much is too much company stock?”

10:05 – Mailbag: “I’m 56, I want to retire early, what can I do?”



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Retirement Planning Quiz: 


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