The Money Knight

Ep 61: What is the Smart Generations Program?

March 17, 2022

The Chessman Wealth Strategies approach has always been about helping clients and their families make smart decisions when it comes to money. That happens in every aspect of the planning process, including working with the children to ensure that they know what they need to about their parents’ estate.


Today we want to explain the Smart Generations program in a little more detail and help make you aware of this opportunity we provide all of our clients. It’s not something everyone needs to use, but we’ve found that it brings a certain peace of mind to know that your parents are well taken care of and that’s what we try to do with Smart Generations.


What we discuss in this episode: 

0:54 – Taco Bell subscription service

3:51 – Background on Smart Generations

6:29 – Giving children a chance to understand more

7:13 – Do most clients take advantage of this?

7:57 – Do children take an interest?

8:44 – How to get started

9:21 – Where does this happen in the process?


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