The Money Knight

Ep 64: Clearing Up the Financial Jargon

May 6, 2022

The financial industry is filled with all types of complicated terms, acronyms, and expressions, which can make it difficult to follow along when you’re reading or watching news on the markets. We want to take this episode and use it to clear up some of the jargon you’re likely hearing more often in our current environment of inflation and uncertainty.

We won’t get into the weeds and bring you up to speed on things like P/E ratios. Instead, the hope is that you’ll be a little more comfortable with the investment jargon surrounding the markets we’re navigating right now.  


What we discuss in this episode:

2:15 – Bear vs Bull Market

6:19 – Investing during different markets  

7:45 – Recession

10:00 – Volatility

13:33 – Capital Gains/Losses

16:35 – The Kingdom Minute


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