The Money Knight

Ep 68: Picking Sides in Important Financial Debates (Part 1)

July 7, 2022

On this episode, we’ll try to pick sides of some important financial debates. From bonds to life insurance, credit card debt to starting Social Security, we’ll propose several different topics to see which sides of the debates you and your advisor should probably fall on.

Since there’s a lot to discuss, we’re going to break up this conversation into two parts. Join us as we weigh in on this first group of financial topics and we’ll also discuss the dangers of wealth on this week’s Kingdom Minute.


Key topics to listen for:

1:30 – Always pay off your house as soon as you can

2:52 – Individual bonds are better than bond funds

5:03 – No one needs life insurance once they’re retired

7:18 – Better to have a fee-based advisor than a commission-based advisor

9:13 – Kingdom Minute


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