The Money Knight

Ep 69: Picking Sides in Important Financial Debates (Part 2)

July 21, 2022

On this episode, we’ll try to pick sides of some important financial debates. From bonds to life insurance, credit card debt to starting Social Security, we’ll propose several different topics to see which sides of the debates you and your advisor should probably fall on.

This is the second part of the discussion and it wraps up the debate on four more topics that we work on all the time. Plus, this week’s Kingdom Minute talks about defining wealth and the idea of being rich.


Here's what we discuss on this episode:

1:03 – Annuities are a rip off

2:54 – You’ll be in a lower tax bracket in retirement so it’s best to defer now

4:54 – It’s better to buy mutual funds than owning individual stocks

6:05 – You should start Social Security as early as possible

8:27 – Kingdom Minute


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