The Money Knight

Ep 70: Why Retirement Planning Ain’t What It Used to Be

August 4, 2022

In some ways, retirement planning was easier for past generations. Let’s explore how a good financial advisor helps people overcome the additional challenges of today. Our parents and grandparents may not have had to face these things, so just relying on the experiences of family members might not be enough to help us achieve our own financial success.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn on this episode:

  • Retirees today don’t have near as much guaranteed income as generations before us so we carry more of that responsibility now. (1:35)
  • We’re living longer on average and have to plan for a longer retirement to cover all of our expenses. (5:04)
  • Why all of the information we can access isn’t necessarily a good thing when we’re doing our own financial planning. (8:52)
  • The danger of misunderstanding our identity when it relates to money on this week’s Kingdom Minute. (13:32)

If you haven’t taken a serious look at your plan and addressed these changes to retirement, we encourage you to take that next step today and set up a time to meet with an advisor.


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